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Get the basics for Rwanda road trip car hire with us and enjoy your holiday in the dubbed Land of a Thousand Hills in our comfortable car rentals. Embarking on a road trip is the best way to discover iconic tourist sites in Rwanda. Some of the most important things to consider when renting a car in Rwanda include;

Find out if the car rental company is registered

With so many car rental companies cropping up each and every day in Rwanda, finding that one honest and reliable car provider has become more challenging. Before you choose to deal with one make sure that you certain about it, find out if it is fully registered. When choosing to deal with particular Car Hire Company, make sure that it is registered with local authorities such as the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

Be certain of the company’s location

Once you land into Rwanda, you can spare sometime and pay a visit to agency that you booked or you wish to deal with. A visit to the company’s office will help you know how they hand clients and also will help you know which services are offered to clients. It may also be time saving to organise with the car rental agency a meet at the airport or the hotel.

Be inquisitive

If you plan to pay a visit to Car Rental Company’s office, make sure that you have some questions to ask. This will help you learn other things that perhaps you didn’t understand. There are so many things that some car rental agencies do not disclose to you online but when you get to their offices, you get to know them for instance hidden costs.

Compare car rental rates

Different car rental companies offer cars for hire at different rates. To get the best car rental agency with best offers, you need to look through various companies to help you make comparisons. It will guide you on which one is the best to deal with.

Terms and conditions/Car rental policies

There are many car hire policies to be observed and they vary from Car Rental Company to Car Rental Company. Make sure that you get to understand the terms and conditions of car hire agency you wish to deal with before signing the agreement.


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